bumble94 asked: Congrats on all your acceptances and your final decision! I think going somewhere you love is more important than anything else. I do have a question for you; how many schools did you apply to, and ultimately, how did you begin to pick them out? I'm just starting to look into what schools I would want to apply to, but I don't know how to begin to narrow them down.

Hey! Great question. I was just reflecting on this today after my hectic Tufts vs. Cornell 48 hours, so I decided to answer this publicly. 

First, I’m going to say that vet school application fees are beastly - they can add up to hundreds of dollars and I was lucky enough to have enough money saved up for the chunk I ended up paying. I applied to 9 schools and got accepted to 4, waitlisted to 2 (and then accepted to one more), and rejected from 3. If I had had an in-state I would have applied to probably half that amount (more on that).  

Here are some guidelines: 

  1. Apply to your in-state school, if applicable. I did not have an in-state and I would have applied to far fewer schools if I did. Your in-state will be cheapest and will be easiest to get to for an interview. Rankings are bogus. Apply to your in-state. (A lot of people actually say that if you get into your in-state don’t even try to go anywhere else - the student debt is just not worth it - but that’s a very personal decision.) 
  2. For schools where you are out-of-state, take note of the OOS acceptance rates. I was obsessed with Colorado State for a while but they have a teeny tiny out-of-state acceptance rate and I got rejected, predictably. WSU, Davis and U Georgia also have low acceptance rates. A couple of schools with high acceptance rates for OOS are Tufts and Penn, but there are plenty more (go research them). 
  3. Think about the cost. Again, in-state will probably be cheapest, but sometimes schools will let you establish residency in that state after a year or something (I think Ohio State allows this, and a few others). Don’t apply somewhere that will pretty much just kill you with debt - Penn, for instance, has one of the most expensive OOS tuition rates out there, but there are others to be wary of too. 
  4. Think about location. Vet school is four years of your life and it’s different from undergrad - I didn’t care where I went to undergrad because I knew I would have such a campus life, but vet school can be different from that. If living in a particular place would make you crazy or just doesn’t fit for you, don’t apply there. I did not apply to midwestern schools and hesitated about the southern-ish schools because I am an international student and thought it would be even more of a culture shock to American life than my transition to undergrad was. But that’s strictly personal preference. (And I’ve probably offended some people.) 

These are basically the most important factors that helped me pick my (long) list of schools to apply to; it’s different when you get to picking where to go. For me, that was where things like curriculum/style of teaching, unique specialties/opportunities, hands-on opportunities, and location in a more specific way started to matter. I’m glad I kept my options open this way even if it was a stressful process trying to decide where to go. 

Rankings will probably be in the back of your mind even if you do not try to think about them. That was the case for me. I ended up pretty much ignoring them. There are so few vet schools it doesn’t matter. It matters so much for med schools because there are more than 100 med schools. And if you go to a higher-ranked school but are unhappy, you have a higher chance of doing badly in academics anyway and not getting a good GPA for internship match. 

If you have time I really recommend visiting schools, but I decided to wait until I knew where I had been accepted/gotten interviews before visiting. 

Good luck to everyone!

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ecologybiology asked: Are you planning on continuing your blog when you go to vet school? As a prevetter myself, I would love to hear more about the process of acclimating to vet school.

Yes, yes, YES! I love blogging (and looking back at all my old posts) and I think it would be so great to continue this blog into vet school - BUT I have to figure out what I want to rename it! :) 

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Turning down two Ivy League vet schools in a month gives you a huge confidence boost.

Just declined Cornell on their online page. I am 100% going to Tufts, and I am not looking back. Ultimately I really do believe it is the best school for me! 

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Tufts, Penn… and Cornell!

Hi followers, 

Just got a very interesting call from Cornell Vet Admissions today. In fact, this call told me that I had been accepted off the waitlist. To the #1 ranked veterinary school in America. 

Yes, yes, rankings aren’t everything. And my heart still belongs with Tufts - but I have two days to basically find out if I want to go to Cornell (and lose my Tufts deposit, but, well, that’s life). 

I was panicky, and then anxious, and then exhausted, but right now all I am is thankful. If I had told my freshman year self that I would get accepted to Tufts, Penn and Cornell, freshman Isa would probably have laughed until she cried. And yet here I am (and possibly choosing Tufts over two very shiny schools anyway - only room in my heart for one Ivy?).

Followers, thank you so much for being along for the ride.

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why the hell did we all learn the exact words

"the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell"

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i just sent emails to VMRCVM, RVC, and Penn telling them i will NOT be attending their vet schools this fall. for some reason, this was even harder to do than send that deposit to Tufts. i think that in a way i had already claimed “my spot” at RVC or at Penn, and i knew that giving up “my spot” at Penn really meant giving up the chance they had given me with them. i am so, so happy about going to Tufts - i am sure now that i want to go to Tufts more than i want to go to any of these schools - but it was still hard to say, i’m going to say no to the amazing opportunity you have given me.

on the other hand, i am now looking at housing options in grafton and getting more and more excited. any followers at Tufts Vet or in the central mass area? 

still can’t believe this is happening. 

P.S. my summer plans include working for an ecology professor’s lab processing soil and arthropod samples and taking care of bees, going to all the swimming holes in the upper valley area that i missed out on two summers ago, watching all the TV i want, hopefully taking 1 or 2 riding lessons a week, volunteering for the humane society, going to colorado with N’s family for a week (and experiencing THAT kind of landscape for the first time - holy shit), learning to code on codecademy now that i know a little MATLAB and love it, getting back into writing and trying to get my favorite short story published, and cuddles with N. lots and lots of cuddles. 

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if you choose a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life!! because the field you’re interested in isn’t hiring

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Provinces of Mindanao, Philippines


*I forgot to put Bataan in the ‘Provinces of Luzon’ post, so I’m putting it here. Sorry.

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Provinces of Luzon, Philippines

[Visayas, Mindanao]

*I forgot to put Bataan here, so I’m putting it in the ‘Provinces of Mindanao’ post. Sorry.

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Provinces of Visayas, Philippines


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